About Our Water Damage Repair Services

Water damage is something that you would not want to happen in your home. In case you do find water damage to your home, you need to take care of it immediately otherwise it can not only cause damage to the integrity of your home but it could also be a cause of health hazard. Also if the water remains stagnant in your home it can be a breeding ground for bacteria as well as mold and mildew. It can also warp your floors and walls causing you to do major repairs to undo the damage. Usually water damage is caused due to:

  • Major flooding
  • Breach in storm drain protocol
  • Leaking roof
  • Leaking basement
  • Broken water pipes
  • Leaking appliance hoses
  • Leaking radiators
  • Plugged sinks and toilets or tubs

The effects of water damage

Water can do major damage to your house. Once the water gets into your home it can seep into your walls and in your floor. Once the underside of your floor gets wet, it can take a very long time to dry out. Besides causing mold and mildew to grow it can also cause your floor boards to rot. This can affect the structural integrity of your home and cause it to lose much in its value. Water damage can cause you to have to do major repairs to your home in order to bring it to its original condition.

24/7 Water Damage Repair Services

Here at Chelsea Carpet Cleaning we understand that water damage never occurs at your convenience nor does it stick to daylight hours which is why our water damage repair technicians are dedicated to remaining on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. These professionals know from experience that the sooner water damage is dealt with and repaired the less damage your home or business will suffer and the less costly those repairs are likely to be.

Our water damage service

At Chelsea Carpet Cleaning, we have a water damage service that is available to you. Our technicians are on call 24/7 and can be at your home in a very short time once you give us a call to help you with water damage in your home. Our technicians are highly trained in all sorts of water damage situations, they have the expertise and the latest equipment at their disposal. Once you give us a call and our technician arrives at your home he will be ready to perform the following tasks to help you.

  • Prevent further water from entering your home. Once our technician starts work on the water damage, he will first do temporary repairs to stop the water from entering your home.
  • Remove the standing water. Once he has stopped further water from entering your home, he will use powerful extractors to remove the standing water in your home. This will prevent further damage to your walls and floors.
  • Drying the affected area. Our technician will have powerful humidifiers which he will use to dry up the affected area very quickly. This will not only help in getting the moisture out of your floors and walls but also prevent mold and mildew from forming.
  • Cleanup. Once the affected area has dried up he will then sanitize and cleanup the affected area.
  • Inspection and permanent repairs. After cleaning up the area he will then do a thorough inspection of the affected area and let you know what repairs you may need to do on your home. Once you have approved of the repairs he will then institute the necessary repairs.

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